Hashimoto-Diary Part 3: My Desperate Search for a Physician

An endocrinologist definitely can help me

Meanwhile as my physical condition was getting worse and worse, my endocrinologist referred me to the Aachen Hospital. To the Endocrinology Department. To the, in my doctor’s eyes, the best specialists in this field. Finally I saw a light at the end of the tunnel again. If not him,  who else? This professor will certainly be able to help me. Doesn’t he?

When I entered his office, I was struck down by the huge office with the marble floor and the designer furniture. Today, this is a reason for me to escape, because most of the doctors I met so far, who present themselves so pompous, could not offer much. Except a lot of BlaBla only to refer on mental health problems. But at that time I fell for it.

This man wanted to hear only the bare essentials of me and the rest he has just read from my documents. When I wanted to complain about suffering again, he just wanted me to shut up and said that I should not tell him anything. He would examine me from head to toe and then he will find and solve the problem. WOW! Strong words. But unfortunately it stayed that way.

When all the blood and urine levels were back a few days later, I should come over for a diagnosis. He found out that I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. In addition, my physical condition would be good and I should be fine. All other values ​​were great too. As it should be for a 32 year old, strong guy. I was not sure if I should applaud or laugh at him.

Then it got even better. In his opinion, a Hashimoto makes problems and I should just stop my L-thyroxine completely and the thyroid gland would easily take over my hormone supply again. After that I was really close to attack him. And that’s what a specialist says?!?!? Why did I even come to him ? To hear that I have nothing and that I am fine, only I have not noticed it yet? I had some tough words with him and then said politely goodbye. Thus, it was again: “Go back to Start, do not collect 4000 $”.

Meanwhile, I felt so bad, you can hardly imagine. Nevertheless, I was still self-employed and the business was flourishing and there was a lot to do. If my wife had not always been there for me and had supported me and my business with unbelievable energy, I would probably already be physically and financially at the end of my tether.

Hashimoto makes lonely

This is the point where I sincerely want to thank my beloved wife, without whom I probably would not be here anymore!!!

I also would like to thank my few, remaining friends who have always been there for me and have accompanied me through that difficult times !!!

Because you lose friends relatively quickly with this disease, since hardly anyone can or wants to understand this disease and its symptoms. For many, my condition was just too uncomfortable, and after not being able to join all the disco or leisure activities for a while, because of my bad condition, I was simply dropped. Unfortunately for many people this way seems the easiest.

But that is probably the only positive thing about this disease: Most people show their true face in such situations and one finally learns which supposed friends are their real friends.

But somehow it had to continue. Thus, I tried to read more about the disease and of course repeatedly stumbled on various other diseases that matched my symptoms. Since a large dentist’s visit was due, I inevitably came across the topic “mercury”.

By that time I had eight amalgam bombs in my mouth, which probably did not make the whole story any more beneficial. So after the removal of all the dental fillings, a mercury discharge had to follow. I ran these in parallel with chlorella algae, wild garlic, coriander, etc. until the end of the year. However, that did not bring any success. At least no noticeable success.

And again, a new doctor

At the end of the year, I got a recommendation from a friend who has also struggled for years with the Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and visited two more doctors. One was a radiologist in Cologne and the other was an internist from Dusseldorf, which is a specialist in the topic of thyroid gland.

We do not need to mention the good man from Cologne here, but the internist from Dusseldorf had impressed me at first glance with his expertise and his way. He took a lot of time for me and explained a lot to me. Also the fact that he has examined really every thing in the blood, what was possible somehow. Regardless of the costs. I am sure, my health insurance company was happy about that.

In his opinion, I would need a combination supplement with additional T3, so he prescribed me Novothyral, which has blown me away, so I asked if we should rather go to Prothyrid, since the part of T3 is only half as high as at the Novothyral. In addition, some blood glucose tests were done and it turned out that I tend to hypoglycaemia. He wanted to treat this with metformin.

And to my surprise, I was really better for a few days at first. I have also changed my entire diet and it was better at first. At least temporarily. The problem was that I was really suffering from hypos, but the origin was different, but I did not realize that until a few months later. At some point, we discontinued metformin and continued trying to tune the thyroid gland when we came back to adrenal fatigue.

In the meantime, I had continued to research this topic and ordered saliva tests on my own initiative with Ganzimmun and had my cortisol status determined. The results were just bad. When I told him the values, he was immediately ready to announce my cortisone. Finally someone treats my adrenal fatigue!

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