Hashimoto Diary Part 5: Hormone Adjustment after surgery

The Days After the Thyroid Surgery

After thyroid surgery, I had some spare days to recover and I could use those very well, because my tiredness struck back with full force.

At first, the surgery was probably not that easy for my body and either I got into a proper over-function or my adrenal gland was completely broke down again. Unfortunately, I still can not quite assess the symptoms, as well as the hyperfunction in my case causes massive tiredness and weakness, too.

The Thyroid Adjustment Continues

The following weeks I have spent with adjusting my dose, which occasionally worked halfway. All in all, my condition was much more constant … not good, but more constant. Either it was constantly good or constantly bad, but there was hardly a back and forth.

Over time, however, I had to realize that after such a surgery, a tabula rasa situation arises and you will no longer cope so well with the hormone dose, with which you were relatively well clear before surgery. So I had to realize that the recommendation of the surgeon might not be that wrong. Back to the start for a new beginning, but this time without armor. But quite classic with 100μg Euthyrox.

Meanwhile, I have increased to 125μg and try this time with a lot of patience for at least 8 weeks to keep the dose, no matter what. The tiredness is still tormenting me again and again, but not as much as before surgery. In addition, I continue to try to feed up my adrenal gland and am currently achieving amazing results with Phytocortal N. But I will report on that in the coming weeks. As i said before, the surgery was the best step I have ever dared.

The alternative drugs for adrenal treatment are also effective. About one year later, although I have to say that I have not taken all of them permanently, since it was also a question of cost to procure these remedies, the adrenal assay looks much better.

Of course there is still a lot of room for improvement, but not to forget that I have also done two surgeries that have weakened the adrenal glands even more, within the last 12 months. The homeopathic remedy Phytocortal N is currently achieving a drastic improvement in my general state of health in combination with Cytozyme AD, which I will report on after taking it for a while.

(Image: cortisol saliva test after construction with Phytocortal)

Adrenal insufficiency improves somewhat after taking Phytocortal N.
Adrenal insufficiency improves somewhat after taking Phytocortal N

Adrenal Fatigue & N Phytocortal

As mentioned earlier, I have some attempts with the homeopathic remedy Phytocortal N and achieved convincing results with it. So far, I have tried to build up the adrenals with Cytozyme AD, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin C etc.

Unfortunately, I have not noticed something directly, although I know that it takes a lot of time in to record measurable successes. That was very different with phytocortal.

30 minutes after the first dose I was doing very well. Without exaggeration. I could not believe it and thought it was a strange coincidence. So I tried it again the next day and the result was the same. Unbelievable. However, the effect only lasts about 3 hours, and then I had to reload. But I had found a way that actually helps me to overcome the crashes and fatigue attacks. Meanwhile, I settled on 4x 30 drops and that’s fine.

The bad luck is on my side again

However, this could not stay that way and so I caught two root inflammations on two molars, which had to be treated for several days. To make matters worse, I also had to take antibiotics, which always means something similar to death for me. Every time I have to take antibiotics, I fall into a kind of coma. Then I suffer from an indescribable weakness and fatigue that sometimes even leaves me unable to leave the bed … and that at the age of 34.

And that’s exactly how it was this time. I took the antibiotic for only three days, but already on the second day things went downhill. Today is the fourth day after discontinuing the drug and I’m still feeling very bad. On top of the whole weakness and fatigue today i got some circulatory issues. I’m seriously desperate right now. Hopefully this will be a over within the next few days so that I can celebrate my birthday for at least a couple of hours on the weekend.

It’s starting to get a little bit uphill

It’s still going uphill … at least with my Hashimoto. I keep improving and after every increase I’m really better. The first day after an increase is actually always the best, I am doing really well and I could almost forget this disease. This is followed by mostly 10-14 days which are really bad and after that it goes uphill again. This scheme is meanwhile distinguished after each increase. By the end of the year, I actually made it to 175mg Euthyrox.

My levels ​​look like this:

  • FT3 (2.0-4.4) – 4.02 >>> 84.17%
  • FT4 (0.9-1.7) – 1.40 >>> 62.15%
  • TSH (0.27-4.20) – 0.02

These are the levels after 4 Weeks 175μg, a lot of sports (every day or every second) and after I quit smoking. Before, the free levels ​​were even around 90-95%, whereby I also felt much better then. However, I have set myself the goal to do sports regularly again, so that after cycling or fitness training, although i always feel/felt worse, but I would like to adjust to this level. It is interesting to be able to observe, that the free values ​​under load already neatly buckle.

Oh no, not that!?

But even in these months, there was much suffering again. For some time now, I have been plaguing myself with a kidney stone that stuck in the ureter and even after lithotripsy it did not want to break loose. So unfortunately I had to take the last step and get this stone removed directly from the ureter. For me that was my worst experience ever.

2 days of hospital have become to 11 days in the end …. incl. Blood poisoning and all conceivable complications that you can imagine. Well, Murphy is my homeboy. Howling does not help, so I just have to accept this bad luck. The only good thing about the story is that I do not smoke anymore since October 30, 2012 (surgery day).

In relation to my adrenal glands and the phytocortal also something has changed. I did not see any improvement with phytocortal after all. Thus, I have reduced and then completely stopped this. Nothing has changed. I suspect that the phytocortal shortly increases the free SD levels, and that is why I felt this improvement in my condition.

However, I have not done a new cortisol saliva test yet, especially since I first had to pay medical bills amounting to several thousand euros and then had to assert them at my health insurance. This is always exhausting and at this time money is always a bit short. But I will order one more soon, to see if anything has happened.

Since I still often have problems with my tense back, I ended up with a naturopath, which was recommended to me. This actually helped me a lot. As we always had a lot of time to chat during the one-hour treatment, of course I kept telling her about my problems, and she noticed that many of my symptoms could also point to a KPU / HPU (cryptopyrroluria).

Since she is more concerned about it, she could tell me a lot about it, so I ordered a urine test the next day. And how could it be different ??? The normal level here is up to 6 …. all above that is KPU. My level was at 5.96. So again, absolutely borderline. On advice, I have ordered Depyrrol and use it now since a few days. In my opinion there might be a light improvement, but I’m still not sure …

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