Hashimoto Diary Part 8: Candida, Leaky Gut and Heavy Metals

The Year of Diagnoses

My gut, the bad digestion, as well as the constant infections, an untold fatigue and much more, were still giving me a hard time. After weeks of research, I came across the heavy metal pollution again. I stumble over this topic again and again, but unfortunately in Germany it is not so easy to follow this track with the help of a doctor, as heavy metals, as well as HPU, Candida Albicans or the Hashimoto Thyroiditis, according to doctors, pose no problem.

In February, I came across a very interesting thread in a forum, where I was able to find an address for a doctor who apparently was specialized in heavy metals and had a lot of experience with it. I got an appointment within 2 weeks and made my way to Wesel.

The doctor was quite competent at first glance, but he was already very old and seemed a bit senile to me, but initially did not bother me, since he was willing to perform a mobilization test with DMPS.

he doctor was quite competent at first glance, but he was already very old and seemed a bit senile to me, but initially did not bother me, since he was willing to perform a mobilization test with DMPS.

Thus, at first a basic urine sample was done, and then the DMPS injection followed. I was a little scared, as it is a quite hefty remedy and the list of side effects is not very nice to read. Cardiac arrest as a side effect is not really harmless.

But my desperation was bigger than the fear. After an hour I had to do another urine sample again and could make my way home to wait two weeks for the results.

Violent reaction after DMPS injection

What happened then on my two-hour return trip, was terrifying and startling at the same time. As soon as I got onto the highway, my feelings played a joke on me and I had to howl for almost two hours without knowing why. I have never experienced something like that before.

Basically, I felt much better after the injection, but the tears were running and running without me being able to do anything about it. This reminded me of the experiences of people that were contaminated with heavy metal, I had read about on the internet.

At that moment, I realized that I had a rather serious  problem with heavy metals and the injection  had mobilized the metals in my brain. A classic symptom after taking chelators on people with heavy metal contamination. When I arrived at home, suddenly I felt really good. No tiredness, a pretty good mood and much more. This condition has lasted for exactly two days and then my health condition worsened massively again.

After the results of the heavy metal test had arrived, it showed that mercury, nickel and cobalt values were elevated. But after a phone call with the doctor in Wesel I was very disappointed, because in his opinion a treatment would not be necessary, although, for example, nickel was eight times higher than the standard.

Immediately I made an appointment with my family doctor and told her about my conclusions and the results of the test. In addition, I asked her to start a detox with me. Unfortunately she refused because she did not know enough about that topic. So I called a second doctor in. He would have done the detox with me immediately, but unfortunately he was practising almost 400km away from me, what would have blown up the frame in terms of time and finances.

After much back and forth I was able to persuade the doctor to persuade my family doctor to do the detox and to instruct her by phone, how this has to be proceeded. Lo and behold, he even persuaded her to give me a DMPS injection every four weeks.

Unfortunately, after receiving the further DMPS injections, there was not such an improvement in my condition again, like i had after the first one, but I continued the treatment for 5 months, in the hope that the lump eventually will burst. This did not happen. So was the heavy metal pollution not my problem? Or was it just the wrong chelator, or the treatment intervals too long?

I did not know it and in my despair I searched for further causes and unfortunately found them. First I took myself under the care of a holistic dentist. After a kinsologischen testing he had determined that heavy metals actually played a role, but even worse should be three root-dead teeth, which urgently should be removed. In addition, my fillings would contain fluorides and should be replaced, too.

I also agreed to that and must confess that my body had actually experienced a relief and my health had improved at least a little. Since my body apparently had massive detox problems, I decided to do everything I could, to relieve it.

I did not use deodorant anymore, just used fluoride-free toothpaste, and kept an eye on my mineral water to avoid an unnecessarily absorption of fluorides and sulfates. These measures also brought minimal improvement. Unfortunately, the big breakthrough did not happen.

HPU diagnosis – the cause of my problems?

In March 2015, on my research I stumbled upon the metabolic disorder HPU / KPU. In this disorder of heme synthesis,  vital substances are increasingly excreted, such as vitamin B6, zinc and manganese, which are missing then in hundreds of metabolic processes and cause problems.

After reading about that topic for a long time, I found out that Dr. Kamsteeg, apparently the expert in this field, practiced directly here around the corner in the Netherlands. After a short phone call, I ordered the appropriate HPU test with appropriate reading and ordered the testing.

After 10 days I got the result: very positive! And again I was sure to have found the cause of my problems. I immediately got the appropriate supplements and started taking them. At first I felt a slight improvement in my condition, but unfortunately it did not last for long. I took the supplements for almost seven months, then discontinued taking them this way and only took them now and then. Thus, for me that meant again: continue the search!

In between, I had some ultrasound examinations of the gallbladder again, due to the increasing number of polyps that made me more and more worried. The issue of cancer was still buzzing around in my head, so I went to the ultrasound every two months to thwart any degeneracy in time.

A new colonoscopy was made, but without significant findings again. Still remarkable was my extremely high vitamin B12 level, which was still three times beyond the norm, as well as my hemoglobin and hematocrit, which were still below the norm. Unfortunately, an explanation for it did not exist so far.

My digestion and histamine problems persisted and sometimes became so bad that I could barely eat anything without collapsing afterwards. Candida was still a big topic, too, so I started a carb-free diet, which also brought an improvement on my condition. But the thyroid setting with Thybon and L-thyroxine made big problems. The onset in the morning was unbearable and came with an intense fatigue.

Natural thyroid hormones and hydrocortisone – an important step in the right direction

After a long back and forth in April I finally persuaded my doctor at that time, to prescribe natural thyroid hormones. And since my adrenal glands were still severely weakened, I also asked for hydrocortisone, especially since the high proportion of T3 in pig hormones is not to be despised and I did not want to take the risk that the adrenal glands would suffer even more than they already did.

Before I switched to the natural thyroid hormones, I had a cortisol saliva test again, because I wanted to see where I am about the adrenal glands and to have a comparative value later,  to see in retrospect if hydrocortisone changes anything. The result surprised me very much and did not make taking cortisone easier for me. The test showed that my adrenal glands produced some cortisol for the first time in 8 years and that there was finally a small morning peak.

Cortisol-Day Profile after diet and Candida treatment
Cortisol-Day Profile after diet and Candida treatment

In order not to lose track of whether the natural thyroid hormones or hydrocortisone would bring an improvement, I first changed the thyroid hormones and omitted the cortisone. The first day with pigs hormones was unbelievable: I felt as good as I have not felt in a long time.

However, this condition did not last for long, so I started adjusting my hormone dose. The book “Stop the Thyroid-Madness” helped me a lot. Since I got problems with tiredness and drowsiness one hour after taking my thyroid hormones, I additionally took hydrocortisone.

Again, there was initially a significant improvement, but also did not last for long. Now I had two set screws to adjust to find the right dose. The search started again, but I finally had a direction and an improvement of my condition, which made things easier for me. However, I was still far away from being viable and continued to have major problems with my health and especially the gut.

Leaky-Gut and Candida – a really underestimated problem

In June, I finally changed my family doctor and found a good doctor in my immediate area, who does not only work with conservative medicine and also in the naturopathic section is well versed. To get an overview, she first had ordered many extensive investigations.

One of them was a hit. My Zonulin Level, which represents the intestinal permeability, was increased, although the classical standard investigations of the alpha-1-antitrypsin were always negative so far and thus a Leaky Gut was always excluded.

Now it has been confirmed and I was a bit further with the diagnosis, what also explained my food intolerances and various intestinal problems. The intestine is permeable and nutrients make their way into the bloodstream, massively stress the liver and irritate the immune system. After a long time of research on the internet, what could be the cause for my strange skin detachments and circular redness on my hands and feet, I came across the second culprit: Candida!

Candida Albicans on the hands
Candida Albicans on the hands

According to stool testing, the Candida fungus was present from time to time, but often undetectable, why I had not expected it, but I have suspected it for a long time.

The candida fungus has been my constant companion for 8 years now, and if you look at the long-term alone, it clearly shows that the candida fungus plays a central role in my illness.

So I started to treat the fungus again. At first with nystatin tablets and later with the much more effective nystatin powder, which is apparently only available in one pharmacy throughout Germany.

In addition, I also took Caprylic Acid, Candida Support, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Lapacho Tea and various other natural fungus remedies. Beside that I have radically changed the diet and avoided all carbohydrates.

Candida fungus on the feet
Candida Albicans on the feet

No alcohol, sugar and bread, and no pasta, rice and potatoes. The conversion was tough, but it helped me a lot. My condition finally improved, my stomach flattened as the gas disappeared and I lost a lot of weight in quite short time.

In two stages, I reduced my weight from 102kg to 75kg. Completely without sports and only by the renunciation of carbohydrates. The following blood test brought a remarkably result. Hematocrit and hemoglobin finally increased to the normal range and zinc deficiency also improved as Candida is a classical zinc scrounger.

Due to the increased zinc level, the digestion improved a bit because the liver and pancreas need a lot of zinc, which was missing in recent years. So at least it went a bit uphill. However, the Candida treatment was really difficult and strenuous in some matters.

It was noticeable that in this phase I was always very aggressive and strong neurological complaints were present. In addition, I have relapsed again and again nutritionally, what let the Candida mushroom thrive again and again. This clearly spoke for heavy metals in my body, but first there were some other requests.

Gall Surgery and Celiac Disease

On further ultrasound examinations of the gallbladder in August it turned out that the polyps in my gall bladder actually grew and were just close to reach the 10mm limit. If a 10mm diameter of the polyps is reached, all gastroenterologists advise to do a surgery, because the danger of degeneration and thus cancer, becomes just too big.

So I had to bite the bullet again and undergo surgery again. The procedure went well and after initial problems with the fat digestion, everything has normalized and does not make any complaints.

Before the surgery, however, a very detailed colonoscopy with numerous biopsies was done to flush some money into the hospital fund. My request to examine the samples for Candida was previously approved but finally not done. There is no need to comment on that anymore and you know my attitude to orthodox medicine by now.

Since my indigestion still played a major role, I visited a gastroenterologist again, who advised me to do a Sellink MRI with contrast medium to examine the small intestinal wall and to exclude diverticula. Also a small intestine defecation was back in the room. This MRI revealed a strong inflammation of about 25cm in length, but fortunately no diverticula were found.

Why the inflammation was present, of course, no one could tell. Ten days later, a capsule endoscopy was done and the intestine was completely screened and traced with a camera. Curiously, everything looked great again and the intestine did not show any abnormalities. Thus, the gastroenterologist was as his wit’s end, and for me it meant again: continue to search.

Fortunately, my family doctor was a bit more on the ball and hasmore various tests ordered. Although celiac disease was always excluded in every colonoscopy and in simple celiac disease tests, it has actually been confirmed in a gentian test. Apparently I’m really gluten intolerant. Although I have avoided gluten in the classical form for almost 2 years, I did not really pay attention to the details. Like gluten in yogurt, chocolate and similar foods.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed at my daughter, she also has problems with gluten. After she has paid more attention to it, she has no more problems with the stomach, and the headache and dizziness have disappeared, although no pediatrician was able to  help us in advance. If you do not do everything on your own…

Hydrocortisone phased out and thyroid hormones split

In November, after six months now, I’ve tried to cautiously phase out the hydrocortisone, as I was getting worse and worse. However, this was not so easy as the lower dose symptoms got even more worse again.

Cortisol-day profile after hydrocortisone treatment
Cortisol-day profile after hydrocortisone treatment

Once again I had the choice between Pest and Cholera, but obviously i was more worse with hydrocortisone than without. I managed to get this process under control with a vast amount of Cytozyme-AD and Phytocortal N, and was able to completely eliminate it within a month. After that I did another cortisol saliva test. This one also turned out a bit better, but after half a year of hydrocortisone I was hoping for anything more significant.

However, I still had problems with the onset of thyroid hormones and since I have switched to natural thyroid hormones, I steadily experimented with various splittings. With my weak adrenal gland a 50:50 splitting has proven. 2 Grain in the evening before going to bed and 2 Grain around lunchtime. In this way, the adrenals could be relieved and despite a high T3 dose at night, my sleep has improved significantly. But the big breakthrough came in 2016.

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