Hashimoto Diary Part 9: Heavy metals as the cause of my dilemma?

Once again the small intestine deficiency colonisation

In January 2016, the issue of small intestinal deficiency colonisation came up again. My digestion reached its absolute low, so that almost nothing was moving any further. I could barely digest anything and continued to lose weight. So that it slowly but sure became even more serious than it already was.

At my request, a H2-breath test was done again, but unfortunately this only confirmed again,  that I am a non-responder and therefore le to breath out H2. So it was impossible for me to find out if a DDFB was my problem or not. For this reason, my doctor then agreed to prescribe me the antibiotic rifaximin, so I could try it once on suspicion.

I took the antibiotic for 14 days according to the rules of  Dr. med. Pimentel, very high with 1650mg / day dosed and distributed on three daily doses. In addition, I have done an extremely strict diet and at the same time still supported with natural antibiotics again. And indeed, this treatment helped me a little bit. The digestion was a bit better and my stomach a bit flatter. Unfortunately, this condition only lasted for a few days and then the everyday life returned.

Candida still a big problem

The intestinal fungus could not be treated satisfactorily. Of course, the antibiotic treatment was a real feast for the fungus and made it even more explode, but even before, the fungus was not particularly impressed by my treatment attempts.

High-dosed nystatin powder finally showed no effect. Also natural fungus remedies such as caprylic acid, oregano oil, grapefruit seed extract and much more, helped only minimal and rather bad than good.

Thus, I continued to investigate why it was possible that the fungus was so resistant. Other people with Candida only had a few weeks of treatment with Nystatin and had no further problems afterwards. I often have treated for several months without a progress.

Something was wrong. Because of the fungus I still had a Leaky Gut and thus massive problems with all foods. A terrible cycle that seemed impossible to break.

Heavy metals as a cause of Candida and other complaints?

So in March I had another appointment with my doctor and told her my observations again. Both of us quickly realized that the Candida currently was my main problem and had to be tackled first. However, the fungus, according to recent studies, always comes in conjunction with heavy metals and is in principle an indication of exposure to mercury, lead or other metals.

Thus, we have decided to do another heavy metal test. This time with 200mg DMSA oral. After two weeks, the results were there. There was evidence of exposure to mercury, lead and arsenic. Also, the two DMSA capsules, like the DMPS injection the year before, blew me away first and then suddenly made me feel better for the next two days.

Cutler’s Heavy Metal detox begins

In May, I persuaded myself to tackle a heavy metal detox and have read a lot about that topic. A detox with DMSA is not exactly safe, that is why it took me so long to get through it. Especially the symptoms of a lead poisoning did exactly fit to my problems. But I also found myself in many mercury symptoms. Thus it was like “close your eyes and go”.

I have consciously decided against a detox by infusion. On the one hand, this way is just too intense and stressful for the liver. On the other hand, with such one-time infusions, more metals are redistributed than transported out. In addition, the costs are much higher than for oral treatment.

According to the cutler protocol, one DMSA capsule is taken every 4 hours for at least 3 days and 2 nights, and these rounds optimally should be repeated weekly. This ensures that the detoxification stream is maintained and that re-poisoning is less common.

In addition, this method is much gentler and does not stress the liver in such an extremely way. In the old recordings of Dr. Cutler was spoken about 100mg DMSA every 4 hours. The newer ones, however, recommend a maximum of 50mg.

The effect is really intense and always different. Sometimes I felt very well during a round and then very bad or the other way around. But in any case, anything happened and that showed me that I was on the right track. After each round, minor problems and symptoms disappeared. However, there were major setbacks when I ran too fast on the process. Heavy metal extraction requires a lot of patience and usually takes years.

In addition, this protocol advises to take lots of nutritional supplements, what was not easy for someone who responds to many substances. But success kept me going. Just the fact that I was able to tolerate many different foods much better, was worth gold already. But since DMSA also feeds the candida fungus, it was once again a balancing act between improvement and worsening of my condition.

A short wrap up of my detox diary

So that you as an outsider can get an impression of what an up and down such a heavy metal detox can be, here I have made a wrap up of the first 10 of 35 rounds:

1st round (3 days, 2 nights – Pharmacy-DMSA)

From the first evening the feeling of being healthy again. Incredible. All symptoms disappear. The best thing is that I can eat everything without problems. My whiskers suddenly soften and the candida on my hands disappears. After that round some symptoms come back.

2nd round (3 days, 2 nights – Pharmacy DMSA)

The health condition is still much better than before … sometimes very good. The digestion normalizes and I can still eat everything. I can tolerate sugar and alcohol too. However, the condition tilts after 6 days of excessive sugar consumption, etc. This round was in any case not as successful as the first, but the pulse and the temperature rises slowly.

3rd round (4 days, 3 nights + once for a test 200mg at once – Pharmacy DMSA)

The health condition is getting better, but there are also smaller setbacks. The phlegm in my throat has almost completely disappeared and the tiredness disappears on and on. The pulse normalizes and very often is over 70 beats. And I get a healthy feeling of hunger again. In the morning a growling stomach without end. Start again radically to pay attention to the diet to get the intestines recovered. After that round the pulse goes down again and my belly and tattoos start to itch and turn red.

4th round (3 days, 2 nights SmartStore-DMSA)

The Smart-DMSA does not seem to be that effective. The excretory organs seem overwhelmed. I get a rash everywhere …. Skin detox? With P5P it seems to get better. Partly great condition, but sometimes really bad. Consistently followed my diet, except for one day (wine and cake) heavy breathing afterwards, etc.

Addition: Candida is exploded and makes life hard for me

5th round (first pharmacy DMSA, then additional Smart DMSA, in between once 200mg)

The first three rounds i did well with the  tablets and bad without them. Now it’s the other way around. Feeling is always better, but an experiment with probiotics has destroyed everything. Three days coma 🙁 Candida does not go away, despite strict diet and Nystatin.

6th round (3 days, 2 nights: first pharmacy DMSA, then additional Smart DMSA)

First 100mg, from the first evening 200mg, 2nd day throughout 200mg. I felt bad. Third day started with  200mg then lowered to 100mg. Condition improves slightly. The urine even did not smell like sulfur anymore … not even with 200mg. On the first day without DMSA suddenly great and without any  symptoms .. the entire day.

Candida makes a lot of problems, and by the third day, I took 3×2 candida support, nystatin powder with every meal, that did not help much. Then the new GKS and suddenly my bloated belly disappeared. Coincidence? Discontinuing the DMSA? The GKE? The combination or the new nystatin which tastes quite different? Waiting.

7th round (2 days: 1 day 600mg pulse dose tried: in the morning the whole day and night dose at once)

Feeling was ok at first, but it suddenly was  getting worse. But I also ate crap again. Even two days after weaning I constantly feel very bad … total fatigue. Was it on the DMSA?

Edit: Apparently too much metal was mobilized and could not be bound accordingly. A two-day coal tablet intake has redirected it. And an early 8th round helped a lot. Whiskers are permanently softer since the pulse dose …. noticeably softer.

8th round (4 days, 3 nights 100mg pharmacy DMSA)

Pretty good condition. No problem! Noticeable is that I can do sports without collapsing directly. And soreness does not make histamine problems anymore!!!!!

9th round (3 days, 2 nights – 100mg pharmacy DMSA + 100mg Alpha lipoic acid – every 3 hours)

Unfortunately, a proper flu got me into bed (fever and everything that goes with it ). So I can hardly say what has happened. After the 3 days I got very bad head symptoms, dizziness, etc. I first thought that it would be a re-poisoning, but it seems that the flu stays for longer and my ears got infected (sense of balance, etc.). I observe that. But otherwise I have few other symptoms. Sugar is not a problem. Alcohol too. No tiredness. Only the roar on the ears and dizziness.

10th round (3 days, 2 nights – 100mg pharmacy DMSA)

Still ill.+ But the detox had some effect. First day ok, second day was catastrophic especially with head symptoms and depression. Day three symptom-free 🙂 Feeling good, but despite the diet digestion is bad and fatigue sneaks in, but I have also started with Mutaflor and lots of Bread Drink (Brottrunk). This always causes problems for me, but the intestine and the immune system have to be built up somehow.

As you can seel, a heavy metal detox really is a roller coaster ride, but at least anything happened and the good days piled up very slowly. Enough good reasons to keep going. But it is really exhausting. The nights are very short, if you have to get up every three hours.

In addition, I take special care to keep enough time distance between food and the tablets so that the DMSA removes the metals from the body and not simply the more readily available trace elements from the food. For the same reason I drink an extremely nutrient-poor water.

Towards the end of the year, I discovered that my former doctor had always tested all trace elements and minerals in the serum. This was a huge mistake, the values in my serum always looked good , in the whole-blood, however, some deficits were visible.

The biggest problem was that my zinc level was incredibly low and far below standard. This was confirmed by the huge white spots on my fingernails, but since my values ​​looked good in the serum at that time, I initially ignored them.

This massive zinc deficiency would explain many of my problems. Especially the problems with my immune system, the susceptibility to infection, the Candida, the low diamine oxidase, the low elastase values ​​of my pancreas and much more. Now the question was why the zinc level was so low. Was it due to the heavy metal pollution?

Or maybe the HPU / KPU, which I had long ago banned out of my mind? During the following time I had a lot of testings done and made another crucial discovery. More about that in 2017 …. I will do my very best to write that text in a timely manner and publish it  here.

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