Naturopathy is more important than ever before

Naturopathy has existed for thousands of years in all nations and cultures of the world. Already at that time people knew what is good for humans, but also what can harm them. It was always used what nature made available to humans, for the treatment of diseases. The treatments were always based on experience and were refined and passed on from generation to generation.

This naturopathic treatment, in contrast to the current conventional medicine, is very gentle and is not only based on the symptoms but also includes the patient in the therapy.

Finally, the patient must learn what mistakes he has made in the past on his body and how he can regain health.

In natural medicine, the human being is treated as a whole and this includes not only the body but also the spirit and the soul. This is especially important in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, because there are always one or more reasons for this condition, which should all be tackled simultaneously, rather than hoping that unilateral treatment with thyroid hormones will be enough to restore well-being.

You are what you eat

Nutrition is the central pillar of our health. It should always be of very high quality, freshly prepared and, if possible, free of any additives. This has long been known in natural medicine and is the key to health.

Thus, naturopathy from the core is the cheapest way to live and stay healthy, because we all have to eat regularly. It is just depending on what we eat.

Naturopathy was successfully suppressed

At the beginning of the 20th century, people have learned to use diseases as a profitable business for themselves. Conventional medicine has managed to convey to people that their illnesses and suffering can be managed with pills and syringes.

This was then quickly brought to the world through all media, dramatically changing the overall picture of illness and health and giving the impression that conventional medicine is able to cure all illnesses.

But the way of conventional medicine is alarming and the so-called health to us very precious and in many places hardly to pay. This applies to very poor countries, but also to many rich countries such as the USA. If you consider how much medical treatment costs there, you lose the faith in humanity and especially in the doctors.

The conventional medicine and its false promises

The prophecies of conventional medicine have hardly been fulfilled. As an example, the fight against cancer is lost, although this fight in Germany alone, was supported by the state with many billions of Euros. But even the classic “folk diseases” such as diabetes and rheumatism could not be combated. The treatment of these diseases every year flushes incredibly much money in the coffers of conventional medicine.

In addition, conventional medicine is constantly reinventing new diseases such as hypertension or high cholesterol. Basically, these are more symptoms than real illnesses, but patients’ anxiety and permanent pseudo-treatment of symptoms can make a lot of money. Whereby these two “diseases” with naturopathy and with a change in diet are very easy to treat.

But these diseases offer conventional medicine again and again the possibility to make the patients, with partially useless laboratory examinations and medicaments, a lifelong dependent and thus to flush permanently good money into the coffers. This has not much to do with healing.

In fact, conventional medicine was only successful in surgery and in acute medicine (in emergencies). These areas can not be covered with naturopathy.

Today, naturopathy is more important than ever

Health and wellbeing should not be sought in conventional medicine, instead we should orient ourselves again to the well-tried natural healing. Naturopathy is primarily about the prevention of diseases.

Because those who do not even get sick do not need any chemical medication to get well again. But even in the case of a disease such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, naturopathy provides outstanding services.

In natural medicine, the basic idea is a completely different than in conventional medicine, because conventional medicine deals exclusively with the disease, whereby the natural medicine considers the sick person as a whole.

But conventional medicine to this day has succeeded in large pieces, to let a large part of the naturopathic preparations, by the state, remove from the market. For many years, small companies have been decimated, which over decades have produced proven and highly effective naturopathic remedies.

This even goes that far that various pharmaceutical companies buy up such companies, to preen themselves then with eco-seals.

If you look at these aspects, it should quickly become clear how important it is to save the classical natural healing, because only in natural medicine you can find true help and support, when it is about the own health, the prevention and supportive treatment of diseases.

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